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Dog Bite Injuries

Owning a dog is, more often than not, a wonderful and enriching experience. Unfortunately, some owners fail to properly train and care for their dog in a manner that appropriately controls their temper and behavior around other humans or pets. This negligence can lead to serious dog bite injuries, including puncture wounds, scarring and deep emotional distress.

Under Illinois law, owners can be held responsible when they are aware of, and fail to correct, the vicious behavior of their pets. At LaMonica & Sprague, LLC, we provide the dedicated and intelligent legal representation needed to seek compensation for Chicago dog bite injuries.

Tested Experience That Can Help You Secure Compensation

If you have been injured by a dog or other Chicago pet, you may be shaken, upset, and unsure whether you have a claim against the person responsible for the pet. At LaMonica & Sprague, LLC, you will work directly with one of our proven attorneys, who can answer your questions and help you understand what options for compensation you may have. Our tested legal experience allows us to handle your case with confidence and care, while you focus on rebuilding your health and trust.

It is important to note that our advocacy for Chicago animal injuries is not limited to dog bites. Under the Illinois Animal Control Act, victims can seek compensation for any type of dog attack. Therefore, if you were knocked over, scratched, clawed, or otherwise hurt by a dog, we can still evaluate your situation and build a case.

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